Dr. Kristan L. Roth, L.Ac., DAOM

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist


Kristan is a fourth generation healer and has spent over twenty years helping women and families. Her love and respect for a women’s innate ability to birth is a foundational piece in her work with patients and families. Collaborating with doulas, midwives and physicians is very important in her work and makes sure the door to communication is open and easy. Care for a woman during all phases of prenatal and postpartum is available. The following are just some of the reasons patients reach out for care with Kristan: fertility, nausea, discomfort/pain, emotional balancing, breech presentation, labor encouragement, lactation support, improve healing post birth.

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Paris Healing Arts
Laura Paris, LAc, NC, FMP

Acupuncturist, Nutrition Consultant, Functional Medicine Practitioner

555 Webster St, 210
Monterey, CA 93940


Laura is a clinician specializing in Women’s Hormonal Health. She offers Acupuncture and Functional Medicine appointments in Monterey. She sees distance Functional Medicine patients via phone and video from all over the United States.

Laura treats: adrenal fatigue • anxiety • autoimmune disease • blood sugar imbalance • brain fog • depression • digestive issues • fatigue • fibromyalgia • hot flashes • infertility • night sweats • painful periods • PCOS • perimenopause • postpartum blues • PMS • pregnancy preparation • stress • thyroid issues • unexplained weight gain.

Laura is also a writer and educator. She maintains an active blog at This year she and two colleagues are launching online group programs for Women’s Hormonal Health, on specific topics such as PMS, pregnancy preparation, perimenopause, and more. Sign up on her email list to find out more.

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