Little One Sleep
Michael Holden Klingler

Certified Sleep Consultant

We offer support to families who would like to get more sleep and parents-to-be who would like to prepare for their coming baby.  Our goal is to help parents better understand their child’s natural ability to sleep and provide tools they can use to support their little one’s sleep.  We do this by offering education about sleep, co-creating customized plans with families that match their parenting style, and supporting the process of implementing changes with individual coaching.  Our specialty is 0 to 5 year olds.

Essential Elements of all Sleep Packages

  • Free Initial Phone Conversation to determine if our services are right for you.
  • Customized Plan that covers potential health concerns, feeding suggestions, sleep environment, and sleep practices.
  • Coaching while implementing your customized plan to ensure positive results.
  • Money Back Guarantee so our clients feel safe in making the choice to partner with us while addressing their child’s sleep needs.

We offer Individual, Prenatal, and Twin Packages that can be done over the phone or in home for an additional fee.  Please see our website for additional information and for scheduling a Free Initial Phone Conversation.

We also offer educational presentations around the Monterey Peninsula to raise awareness on children’s sleep needs at schools, children’s programs, and parenting groups.  Please visit our website to schedule a presentation.